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Full name Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd might be the best known of all the Chinese EV manufacturers for a simple reason: it owns Volvo. But not just Volvo; it also owns London Taxi, Lotus, Polestar and 49,9% of the Malaysian brand Proton – amongst many, many others.

Geely owns the bigger part of a company called Zhi Dou that produces the D2, an ultra-compact (smaller than a Smart) full-electric 2 seater. Although the car looks like a LSEV (low-speed-EV), it is allowed to drive on highways. The car is also produced for Zotye, where it’s called the E20.

Cars from China use the GB/T standard connector but can be charged from a standard Type 2 tethered or portable charger using our converter.


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